About us

As can be read everywhere: the digital transformation is progressing in all areas of life. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this change even further. For us, it is important to use digitalization for the benefit of our customers and not to make simple things more complex. Only then will digitalization offer our users real added value. Therefore our products focus on customer needs. 


Based on this principle, we are happy to work with you to find the best possible solution for you. Would you like an adapted version of one of our products or do you have your own ideas? We look forward to hearing from you!



We take on the challenge of digital interpretation by transferring the obviously overlooked but necessary for the convenience of users into the digital world. #simplydigital. 


The Weiss+Appetito group, headquartered in Switzerland, has been dedicated to the development of digital products since 2015. The fascination with digitalisation and the multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of development and innovation led to the invention of a unique switching logic. This was followed by the development of the LiveLocker® and LiveCharger®. The digitalisation of a wide variety of products enabled the company to build up a broad range of expertise. The work was crowned by the presentation of the Digital Champions Award 2018. 



Walter Daumann



Maurice Simkins

Product Development & Innovation


Jannik Zimmermann

Project manager DE


Ralph Eschler

Project manager CH


Lara von Waldowski