Current projects

Lockers are an important service in a shopping centre where customers can safely store their purchases, bags or even jackets and umbrellas. Jürgen Brunke, Centre Manager Kauf Park, says: "We are proud to offer our customers this free service together with we.digitize. We are convinced that the digital lockers are an important step towards an even better customer experience." We are delighted to be making an important contribution to sustainability in everyday life with this modern service.

We are delighted about the successful cooperation with WaschMal GmbH in the REWE store! With our technology, WaschMal GmbH has taken digitalisation and mobility to a new level. Thanks to our API interface, the lockers can be integrated into the WaschMal app, resulting in the WaschMal vending machine. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation.

WaschMal machine

After the successes at the trend events of Messe Karlsruhe "learntec", "REHAB" and "art Karlsruhe", we were allowed to move into our permanent location on 11 July 2022. So dear visitors of the Messe Karlsruhe, from now on you will find us directly at the main entrance on the left: simply scan the QR code, log in or register, put your luggage in and enjoy the event.

At the Learntec in Karlsruhe, visitors were able to entrust their luggage and valuables to our secure, innovative LiveLockers - without any keys, coins or chip cards. After just 30 minutes, all 24 of our LiveLockers were occupied. We are very pleased about the great interest in our digital lockers. Would you also like to experience our LiveLockers live? Visit us at one of the trade fairs in Karlsruhe!

The LiveLockers have been installed at startport GmbH and are ready for use. Visitors and employees of the various start-ups in the coworking space can now use our LiveLockers to hand over and store materials and utensils. They particularly benefit from the reservation function. End the meeting with an aperitif? Store documents overnight in the coworking space? No problem: our LiveLockers offer customers planning security and relief - customer needs are at the centre of everything we do.

After meeting at the speed dating event organised by startport GmbH, IO-Dynamics and we.digitize immediately recognised the enormous potential of a joint partnership.

Our modular LiveCharger and the innovative software from IO-Dynamics have improved the monitoring and control of our charging and infrastructure. Nothing now stands in the way of optimised control of the charging points, taking into account local conditions and public use!

Hauke Lapschies, Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of IO Dynamics: "I would like to thank Weiss+Appetito for the trust they have placed in us. The regular dialogue between our teams was extremely beneficial and enabled us to work together on the challenges and find solutions. I am sure that this realisation was a valuable opportunity for both sides to learn from each other and become even better in the field of electromobility. I am confident that with the knowledge and experience we have gained, we have been able to create a solid foundation for joint projects in the future."

Maurice Simkins, Head of Product Development & Innovation, we.digitize: "We were lucky enough to get to know IO-Dynamics at a startup corporate speed dating event organised by startport. Their backend approach focussing on energy management is forward-looking and can be perfectly combined with our "LiveCharger", enabling us to offer our customers an even more flexible and future-proof product. Now that the pilot project has been successfully completed, the common goal is to electrify Germany's company car parks smartly and efficiently. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hauke and the entire team at IO-Dynamics for their excellent cooperation."

Another successful installation of our LiveChargers can be found in the car park at Frankfurter Ring 172 in Munich! With these charging stations, you can charge your electric vehicle quickly and conveniently while you do your errands or spend time in the neighbourhood.

Installing charging stations for electric cars is an important step towards an environmentally friendly future. Up to 20 electric cars can now be charged quickly and conveniently at the EUREF-Campus Berlin.

We are proud and happy to make our Swiss-patented LiveCharger charging solution available to holiday guests at the beautiful Trauffer Experience in the Bernese Oberland. A full 22kW for every electric car in the hotel car park. Have fun charging your batteries - for people and cars.

The time has finally come: green refuelling - for everyone!
Now everyone can see our LiveChargers at Keniastrasse 31 in Duisburg for themselves. Our charging stations can be used at the Weiss+Appetito branch for just 50ct/kWh - without the need for an app. Just scan the QR code on the LiveChargers, enter your usual means of payment on the website and you're ready to go.
Weiss+Appetito wishes you lots of fun with green refuelling and a safe journey.

At the Fröbel Energiezwerge Mülheim daycare centre run by FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gemeinnützige GmbH, we have set up a mini version of the LiveCharger. This powers the lighting for the Bobby-Cars so that the kids can race through the corridors in style. We wish everyone involved, young and old, lots of fun!


After a long period of preparation, the first LiveChargers were released for internal use at the Weiss+Appetito Group's operations centre on 27 August 2021. All wallboxes are installed and integrated. They are operated within the same system. This maximises the flexibility of electromobility.